Sigma's staff is its most important asset. The Company actively seeks out
and recruits staff with proven management and/or technical ability in their
areas of specialization.

     Senior Management:

Monika Khatri, President
Frederick L. Olmstead, Manager Program Development
Anne O. Hughes, PhD, Manger Research and Evaluation Division
Daryao Khatri, Operations Vice President and Manager,
Information Systems Division

John Shewmaker, Manager Management Consulting Division
James Nock, Manger Facilities Management Division

Monika Khatri, President

Since founding the firm in 1985, Ms. Khatri has been actively involved in
the management of the Company as well as overseeing performance on
its projects.

Ms. Khatri holds Bachelor of Business Administration (Computer Science)
and Master of Business Administration degrees from the University of the
District of Columbia. She has over 10 years of experience in management
and information systems.

As President, Ms. Khatri is responsible for the establishment of company
goals, objectives, operating policies, procedures and guidelines. She
provides direction and oversight of all corporate business relations. She is
directly involved and participates in business development, program
operations, corporate networking, financial planning, recruiting and
administrative management.

Earlier in her career, Ms. Khatri was an instructor at the University of the
District of Columbia and taught courses in data processing, programming
techniques, and in the BASIC programming language. She also provided
instruction on the use of WPS-Plus and DCL utilities on the VAX 11/780
system as well as on MS-DOS. As a student programmer, she programmed
in COBOL, BASIC, and FORTRAN and assisted students with VAX/VMS
and TOPS20 operating system commands as well as in editing and debugging of programs written in COBOL, BASIC and FORTRAN.

Previously, in her career, she was employed for nine years as
a Registered Nurse.

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