Management Consulting

This division is responsible for the provision of a wide range of analytical,
management advisory, and management support services to assist
Federal managers in meeting the requirements set forth in the National Performance Review and to achieve the performance objectives and
goals established in each agency's strategic plan. These services

  • Strategic Planning which includes the definition of the mission,
    vision, goals, objectives, desired outcomes, and performance measures for monitoring performance towards achievement of
    the agency's short and long-term plan objectives.

  • Performance Measurement (Dashboard) which includes the
    identification, documentation, and reporting methodology
    development for the ongoing recording of measurable critical
    management information for monitoring operational

  • Business Process Engineering which includes the study and clarification of the fundamental purpose and desired outcomes of
    the organization and its business processes and how organizational
    and operational effectiveness and customer service can be
    enhanced through business process re-design which maximizes the use of distributed network computing.

  • Organization and Workflow Analyses which includes the
    quantification of the cost/benefits and cycle time improvements possible from implementing the optimized business process

  • Development of Business Object Model Structures for those
    business process models to be implemented using object oriented technology for application systems development.

  • Facilitation of Management Workshops to aid the business process
    re-engineering efforts on such topics as strategic planning, change
    management, organization planning, process versus functional
    management and other similar areas.

The relevant SIC Codes and service categories assigned to this division

#7389  B  Business Services (N.E.C.)
#8741  B  Management Services
#8742  B  Management Consulting
#8748  B  Business Consulting (N.E.C.)

This division is primarily concerned with the acquisition and performance
of professional and technical services contracts in the above SIC Code areas for Federal government agencies.

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