Clients & Projects

A representative list of current or recent clients include:

Computer Based Systems, Inc.
International Broadcasting Bureau (IBB/VOA)
Office of Employment Development, Baltimore, MD
University of the District of Columbia
US Department of Agriculture
US Department of Education
US Department of State
US Information Agency

The following is a representative list of current or recently completed

Computer Based Systems, Inc.
As a subcontractor to CBSI, Sigma provided facilities management
support and SAS programming on one of CBSI's contracts for the
U. S. Department of Education.

University of the District of Columbia
Sigma is providing ADP facilities management services to the
University for the VAX 11/780 Center and the Ethernet LAN.
Services include hardware and software installation, systems integration,
design and development of customized applications, publication
of user guides, design and development of training courses, and
computer training.

US Department of Agriculture
Sigma provided support for applications development, designed and
developed VAX/VMS courses, and conducted DEC VAX/VMS training

US Department of Education
Sigma provided ADP facilities management services to the Department of
Education including SAS and JCL programming, document and data
diskette preparation and mailing services.

US Information Agency
Sigma is providing a wide range of information consulting services for
the USIA including the design and development of PC training and metric
training courses, the installation of systems and application software,
recommendations on the development of database applications, and
the conduct of PC training.

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